Rhodri get your facts right!

This is a PCS draft letter for their staff to send our Rhodri!
PCS Shropshire Area Following the confusing information that was included in the latest DTR IPT newsletter a letter has been sent to Assembly Minister (AM) Rhodri Morgan. It addresses certain issues on which the AM seems to be misinformed. If members have additional concerns they could write letters of their own seeking answers to their concerns regarding the Defence Training Review (DTR):


Dear Mr Morgan

I am writing to you reference your misinformed article which was included inthe latest DTR IPT newsletter. After reading your article I thought I should respond since I believe that, as a Civil Servant who is going to be privatised and asked to move to Wales, I presume I am one of your target audience.

I am surprised that you make reference to DARA since as you are well aware hundreds of jobs were lost when work was moved to Front Line units leaving the Red Dragon Hangar as a White Elephant and the need for you to find an alternative use for it. You also mention superb links to the M4 ?

I am afraid last time I drove to St Athan I can assure you no such link exists. Perhaps the fact that a £130 million of public money is required to build these links has slipped your mind ? I am also aware that John Smith MP would also like to see additional taxpayers funds spent on a railway station.

You also referred to the Halifax Building Society Survey saying the Vale of Glamorgan was voted one of the top ten places to live in Britain. Again, as you must be aware this is factually incorrect. Two areas in South Wales appeared in the 20 worst places to live in Britain ! Vale of Glamorgan was included in top 10 places to live in Wales, so please get you facts correct prior to making such statements.

You can find full details of the survey at: http://property.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_and_style/property/buying_and_selling/article2676578.ece

In your newsletter you refer to instances of Government Departments relocating to Wales with great success. Maybe it has slipped your mind that those Civil Servants moving with Civil Service packages remained as Civil Servants. In the DTR programme Civil Servants will have been TUPE'D to the Private Sector some 4 years before any moves to place. New Metrix employees will not have "Civil Service support packages" that you refer to. You also seem to think that staff will be moving from London to the DTA. The majority of staff being asked to move will be from Cosford, Blandford, Bordon and the Portsmouth areas and already relate to the "high quality of life" in their present locations.

Finally the DTA may, if it ever happens have the finest buildings and training facilities available. Sadly without the instructors or training support staff it could be another White Elephant. Could I suggest that if you want staff to move to Wales that in future your research Department does a better job before you put out any further Newsletters.

R MORGAN doesn't understand

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