Peter Collins Fools Gold for Barry!

"IT COULD become South Wales’ 21st century version of a US Gold Rush."?

The proposed multi-billion-pound military academy PFI to be run by arms dealers, war profiteers and caterers could pull in hundreds of thousands of protesters. Yes, a rush of US crooks and mercenaries. And all those trainees from the not so democratic Saudi Arabia?

St Athan Academy to bring jobs ‘gold rush’ to Barry, says MP goes the story Feb in echo by Peter Collins always there to do the john smith mp propaganda column.


“In the time of universal deceit,” wrote George Orwell, “telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

John Smith says it is vital the Welsh Assembly Government made a quick decision on a new access road to Cardiff International Airport. He said: “Both the airport and the academy are jewels in the Welsh economy and they need an improved road transport system.”

Just what we need if we are to have sustainable development - a airport and more roads? And what about those 100 foot towers with radar on, won't that interfere with the air traffic control systems?

No Ely Valley airport Road

Chris Franks’ AM views on the whole issue of improved access to Cardiff International Airport have been publicly stated. He is opposed to all options that are currently being consulted upon. He favour instead a new road from the A4232 close to the International Sports Village, to the Merrie Harrier junction (near Llandough Hospital) and then a bypass of Dinas Powys eventually joining the southern end of the Port Road at Barry.

Guardian MoD Training project delay

Politicians at war over St Athan defence training academy South Wales Echo
See also Officers mess From Private Eye no 1230 20 Feb 2009
So desperate is the government to cling to its £12bn PFI scheme to privatise defence training, involving the construction of a huge new "defence academy" in South Wales, it has happily replaced the building company with ...a caterer!

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