Sodexo gets starring role in Metrix PFI academy

1. Latest articles on todays announcement of Sodexo replacing LST

2. Who is Sodexo?

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a) ** £12bn military academy 'on track' **

There are new hopes for a £12bn defence academy after a new partner signs up
to the project.

b) Latest on today's announcement as reported in Defence Management.

DTR consortium secures new partner
Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sodexo has reached an agreement with the Metrix consortium to become a 50/50 equity partner in the provision of the Defence Training Review (DTR).

The company is already a member of the consortium and has extensive experience in PFI projects. While it is primarily known for its catering services, the company is expected to take on roles such as construction and estate management.

Previously Sodexo was involved in a PFI to improve accommodation at the Army garrison in Colchester, Essex.

The DTR involves the rationalisation of training for the three branches of the Armed Forces into one location in St Athan, Wales.

The deal with Metrix became necessary after Land Securities Trillium left the consortium in December due to "strategic differences" with the other main partners in Metrix including QinetiQ. It is widely believed that the rising costs of the programme (a £1bn increase in the last 18 months) and a faulty financing plan that relied heavily on the sale of vacant MoD land in a property market that is near rock bottom led to the company's departure.

Metrix officials hope that by delaying the project for a few years, land values will rise enough to fully fund the project. Economists however called these forecasts "optimistic."

Charles Barrington, Chairman of Metrix UK, hailed the new agreement, saying that there would be no disruption to the DTR. "We welcome Sodexo as our new partner in Metrix UK. The Defence Technical Academy will significantly improve training to our armed forces and we are pleased to work with Sodexo in delivering this nationally important project."

Aidan Connolly, finance director, Sodexo UK & Ireland, said the company was delighted to be a partner in the DTR: "Our involvement in this project demonstrates our continued growth as a leading provider of integrated facilities management services."

2. Who is Sodexo?

French Sodexo – they are part of the Metrix consortium, the military training PFI at St Athan and may soon have a much bigger role as they are tipped to replace Trillium on the MoD’s £12bn Defence Training Programme PFI deal.

Sodexo formerly Sodexho ronce mainly involved in catering their business has expanded to supply armed forces, oil rigs, run privatised prisons and security services and is involved with supplying the US forces in Iraq and listed as one of the companies profiteering from Guantanamo Bay.

Sodexo Alliance "builds, finances, and manages" 127 prisons in 7 countries around the world, profiteering high crime rates, working class, and racial socio-economic oppression. – In the U.K. they have an exclusive decades-long contract for Harmondsworth Immigration Removal Centre (IRC) near Heathrow Airport, the largest deportation center in the U.K.

Sodexo also provides catering for the US army at Abu Ghraib prison (where standards infamously slipped after the end of Saddam’s regime) and runs brutal immigration detention centres in Britain

One of Sodexo’s key suppliers’ Tillery Valley Foods is Cwmtillery Ind Estate Abertillery Gwent


Spotlight on Sodexho Sodexho was the family business of JP Bellon of Marseille, who is still its main shareholder. After Belon's financial support of Sarkozi's election campaign, Sarkozi made Bellon president of the French commission on selective immigration policies (managed migration). The most remarkable suggestion Bellon has so far made is that the average duration of immigration detention in Europe should be expanded to 18 months.

New Labour cronies
Paul Corrigan is Director of Strategy and Commissioning, NHS London working as a lobbyist for dozens of firms which have won lucrative NHS contracts. He is married to Hilary Armstrong, Labour's Chief Whip

16 May 2007 Hilary Armstrong, Minister for the Cabinet Office, today announced Full Commission membership as of 15 May 2007 to Philip Jansen – Sodexho, to the Better Regulation Commission an advisory body set up in 2006.‘To advise the Government on action to reduce unnecessary regulatory and administrative burdens and ensure that regulation and its enforcement are proportionate, accountable, consistent, transparent and targeted’

Lords money for passes - Lord Howie, it is alleged that he provides a pass to Doug Smith, chairman of Westminster Advisers, whose clients include French multinationals Sodexho and Accor.

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