WAG funded phoney consultation

To AMS and Cllrs

Please note this story and I would be pleased if you would answer the questions below.

QinetiQ says Q3 trading in line with expectations - update
RTT News - Williamsville,NY,USA QinetiQ also said that its DTR programme is progressing well. The Metrix consortium is undertaking a number of key activities with the support of the MOD including public consultation in Wales and the maturing of the Defence Technical Academy construction proposal in order to meet planning application requirements. At the beginning of February, the company has selected Sodexo as its new 50/50 equity partner in the Metrix consortium, following Land Securities Trillium's withdrawal

Given there is an entirely new company involved, Sodexo, as a 50/50 partner with Qinetiq, and the consultation process limited and restricted and no feedback has yet appeared or been prepared or minutes taken at the consultation meetings will AMs and councillors ask these questions (as they are part funding this process) with the emphasis on questioning the validity and scope of the consultation and if it is fit for purpose and will it in fact be appropriate for planning purposes?

Some of the questions I sent to AMs in early January to which we are awaiting a reply- I haven’t had a single reply.

1. Why has the St Athan consultation website not been updated and why is still no feed back from the consultations that have already taken place as long ago as July 2008.(http://www.st-athanconsultation.co.uk/)

  1. Visitors to the DTA exhibition complained of a “lack of detailed information”. Have the issues raised there been addressed? Will the academy be an “isolated, gated village“? Would nearby towns see an increase in “squaddie rowdiness and drop outs from the academy”?

3. The fox in the hen house – one of the many topics that hasn’t been consulted on - Will Metrix make up cash shortfall by training private armies, regardless of their human rights record, and is there anything to stop them doing that?

From the 'consultation' website...


'This programme of consultation began in 2006 when the Vale of Glamorgan Council (VoGC) in partnership with Metrix, the Welsh Assembly Government and the Ministry of Defence (MOD) consulted widely on the draft St Athan Development Brief. The consultation included a public exhibition and helped shape the current draft plans for St Athan’s redevelopment.

…Between now and the proposed submission of a planning application in early 2009, there will be an ongoing programme of consultation including the distribution of newsletters, a regularly updated web-site, workshops and a series of public exhibitions. A dedicated consultation phone line and e-mail address will also make it as easy as possible for comments to be made and questions asked.'

Who is Sodexo?

French Sodexo – they are part of the Metrix consortium, the military training PFI at St Athan and may soon have a much bigger role as they are tipped to replace Trillium on the MoD’s £12bn Defence Training Programme PFI deal.

Sodexo formerly Sodexho ronce mainly involved in catering their business has expanded to supply armed forces, oil rigs, run privatised prisons and security services and is involved with supplying the US forces in Iraq and listed as one of the companies profiteering from Guantanamo Bay.

Sodexo Alliance "builds, finances, and manages" 127 prisons in 7 countries around the world, profiteering high crime rates, working class, and racial socio-economic oppression. – In the U.K. they have an exclusive decades-long contract for Harmondsworth Immigration Removal Centre (IRC) near Heathrow Airport, the largest deportation center in the U.K.

Sodexo also provides catering for the US army at Abu Ghraib prison (where standards infamously slipped after the end of Saddam’s regime) and runs brutal immigration detention centres in Britain

One of Sodexo’s key suppliers’ Tillery Valley Foods is Cwmtillery Ind Estate Abertillery Gwent


Sodexho was the family business of JP Bellon of Marseille, who is still its main shareholder. After Belon's financial support of Sarkozi's election campaign, Sarkozi made Bellon president of the French commission on selective immigration policies (managed migration). The most remarkable suggestion Bellon has so far made is that the average duration of immigration detention in Europe should be expanded to 18 months.

New Labour cronies
Paul Corrigan is Director of Strategy and Commissioning, NHS London working as a lobbyist for dozens of firms which have won lucrative NHS contracts. He is married to Hilary Armstrong, Labour's Chief Whip

16 May 2007 Hilary Armstrong, Minister for the Cabinet Office, today announced Full Commission membership as of 15 May 2007 to Philip Jansen – Sodexho, to the Better Regulation Commission an advisory body set up in 2006.‘To advise the Government on action to reduce unnecessary regulatory and administrative burdens and ensure that regulation and its enforcement are proportionate, accountable, consistent, transparent and targeted’

Lords money for passes - Lord Howie, it is alleged that he provides a pass to Doug Smith, chairman of Westminster Advisers, whose clients include French multinationals Sodexho and Accor.

More here on sodexo

Sodexo becomes equity partner in £12b defence project
CatererSearch - Sutton,England,UK
Sodexo, along with defence technology company QinetiQ, it has become a 50/50 ... PFI and the academy will be the largest vocational training facility in the .

I have made a FOI request with questions above included

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