Stop the school for mercenaries - Barry protest 3rd April

RAYTHEON, Sodexo, Qinetiq are coming to St Athan Wales to set up a school for mercenaries, and whoever else they like - lets put a stop to it now!

Protest Friday 3rd April – go to the at sham consultation and tell people and metrix - what Metrix won’t tell – the truth
15.30-19.30 Memorial Hall and Theatre

(in the Bedwas Hall), Barry


St Athan is part of a political project of privatising the British armed forces, and turns over responsibility for military training to a private, for-profit consortium. At a time when US Congress is investigating abuses perpetrated by private military companies such as Blackwater in Iraq, Britain is rushing headlong down the same path of military privatisation that the USA has gone down before.

This privatisation, moreover, makes the British government a direct partner of one of the world's largest and most controversial arms dealers, Raytheon, which is a core member of the St Athan Metrix C

A now KEY partner is Sodexo, is a foot soldier for the prison industrial complex and racist immigration policies. SODEXO accused of supplying catering at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba and the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. Sodexo has also come under fire in Britain for its management of the Harmondsworth Detention Centre, the largest deportation center in the U.K.

From that facility, asylum seekers from Zimbabwe, Iraq, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and many other impoverished, war-torn nations have endured the "worst" conditions ever reported by Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Prisons. They are deported in military jumpsuits on military planes back to airports to areas of their countries they are not familiar with. Often, they are not adequately checked for signs of torture and testimonials indicate many have disappeared or been killed after extrication. - The process is called "fast track deportation" by U.K. bureaucrats.

At least seven detainee suicides have taken place at Harmondsworth and in 2006, the Inspectorate found that the Sodexo guards had only two noose-cutters in the 500 bed facility.

St Athan represents a major leap forward in Britain's participation in the global arms trade. The Metrix business model for maximising profits at St Athan is to maximise the amount of training it provides, through serving not just the British military but militaries from around the world. Between 2002 and 2005, the Ministry of Defence provided military training to more than 12,000 personnel from 137 countries, many with poor human rights records. With St Athan, this trade promises only to increase.

Third, St Athan represents another step up in the ongoing militarisation of British education.
The Open University – is a key partner. Schools around the Vale of Glamorgan are making plans to train local youth for jobs at the St Athan Academy, while colleges and universities across South Wales, which have already been extensively militarised over the past decade, are exploring new Academy College contract tie-ins.

YET The Welsh Assembly Government has endorsed this investment as a major opportunity for Wales and the South East Wales regional economy!

Protest at this sham consultation in Barry


Carwyn Jones: The Government supports the defence training academy. That project will bring many jobs to the Vale of Glamorgan and surrounding areas. It is the Government’s hope that that project continues to move forward.


METRIX 'consultation'


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