troops inferior training witn new Metrix PFI

Army top brass say so!

Private Eye points out that privatising defence training could turn out to be one of labours more toxic legacies, so does MoD. “Documents produced following a recent meeting of the “defence training review executive board” reveal that the project, under which training will be handed to the Metrix PFI poses catastrophic risks on the front line.”

A confidential “post meeting readout” of deliberations led by deputy chief of defence staff Vice Admiral Peter Wilkinson .. 15 significant risks with the project, including some that will fill the military on engagements around the world with dread. “trained output fails to meet requirement of operational commands” is one of them, on the grounds that “there is a risk that Metrix will not be able to ... deliver the numbers of suitably trained personnel that are required and/or that the training output is not to a sufficiently high standard.

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