St Athan Myths and downright lies!

SCRAPPING the planned armed forces training college in St Athan would let down the people of South Wales, Labour leadership favourite David Miliband will say today after being briefed with propaganda from MoD. Miliband forgets that this dodgy project to privatise military training without a debate in the Senedd is already £2bn over budget. How dare he choose to promote this privatisation of the military at the pacifist Kier Hardie Lecture in Mountain Ash, Cynon Valley.How can he dare he speak for the people of Wales who don't want and haven't been asked if they would allow Wales to become a major cog in the military machine! 
There are very fundamental questions that must be asked about the military academy at St Athan

910 JOBS for civilians? The REAL figures The REAL jobs...catering low value jobs Is this all they have to offer the people of Wales 

Civilian Staff in facilities and estates are 910 (CD5B.7) or 865 (April 2009) which include security, transport, catering, as well as project management.

310 Non-Project Units (includes Museum, and REME band from Arborfield).
Civilian Trainer Staff

Trainer staff to be transferred from existing training centres number ~700

Military staff – 700 project staff  


The original priviatisation was for 6,000 trainees and now 2,700 (Numbers used at the Inquiry were in document CD5B.7 Table 1.4.) The reduced trainee population could be accommodated at the Blandford site’s 4000 living units.As the Project is near one third of the original size, there should be a review for fitting into an existing MoD base, where housing and other facilities would lie unused?

Is it cheaper?  
The PFI project is already 2 Billion MORE EXPENSIVE THAN ORIGINALLY PLANNED with lead member of the consortium pulling out. The deal was originally lined up with Metrix, a consortium owned 50/50 by now in trouble company Qinetiq and property developer Land Securities. On this dream ticket " Metrix achieved the highest technical score" and was named "preferred bidder" however when Land Securities withdrew in December because of delays and cost overruns it was replaced in desperation by unbelievably a caterer - Sodexo! Sodexo whose catering is so very bad in a hospital trust a MP has filed a bill to set minium standards. How we can then expect a good sodexo to reliably run military training?
!MP serves up Bill to improve food in hospitals, schools and care homes

 Miliband claims that it will it will also save money... through consolidating exisitng sites and releasing service personel to frontline duties and sales of surplus estate it should save £500m over the 25 year life of the project ?  Miliband forgets that with the housing market hitting rock bottom, predicted revenues are now substantially less than first believed. Rising inflation has led to a ballooning of costs to £13bn.The amounts spent already are peanuts in comparisioon tyo the long term additional costs of being locked into to a PFI contract.
Metrix want to spend £23 million for a unnecessary museum at a time when decrepid schools are being denied funding.

“It would dramatically improve the training we provide for our troops,” says Mr Miliband?? Privatising defence training could turn be one of labours more toxic legacies, the MoD agrees even before a catering company became a lead in the consortium . An MoD risk assessment revealed that the project, under which training will be handed to the Metrix PFI poses catastrophic risks on the front line - trained output could fail to meet requirement of operational commands - is one of them, “there is a risk that Metrix will not be able to ... deliver the numbers of suitably trained personnel that are required and/or that the training output is not to a sufficiently high standard."!!troops inferior training witn new Metrix PFI
MoD and Miliband claims there will be savings by releasing service personnel to front line duty although the trainers are not active serving soldiers. Will hated Raytheon arms dealers provide better training?  

PFI has a troubled history 

MoD PFI trouble

PFI crazy economics 

WHO GAINS the most?
Troubled firm Qinetiq who have ripped off the tax payer big time already!
New Labour politicans like John Smith and Chris Bryant hoping to get cushy board jobs! Raytheon arms dealer  

COST to the community 
No one has calculated the additional costs of policing and the additional costs and burden to the NHS! There has been No impact assessment of the effects of the base on the Welsh language!

Local communities in the Vale are totally against this plan. Two petitions have been to WAG P-03-227 on the uneeded expensive access road in Llanmaes and P-03-252 on opposing the RAF St Athan northern access road. 

Having a 'school of the americas in Wales and with additional capacity to fill with trainees we will be at risk of training mercenaries - and a huge influx of trainees from regimes all over the world
We face much opposiiton to firms such as Raytheon in Wales casuing permanent disruption

St Athan has to go ahead, says Miliband

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SCRAPPING the planned armed forces training college in St Athan would let down the people of South Wales, Labour leadership favourite David Miliband will ...

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