QinetiQ US businesses

QinetiQ has acquired a number of US based businesses that complement its core capabilities.

These include:
Westar Aerospace & Defense Group Inc,
Foster-Miller Inc and
Apogen Technologies Inc.
These businesses have subsequently made further acquisitions to date that include
Planning Systems Inc,
SimAuthor Inc and
Ocean Systems Engineering Corp.

Apogen Technologies won a task order worth $34 million to perform information technology work as subcontractor to SAIC Inc. related to immigration and customs enforcement for the Department of Homeland Security.
Apogen http://www.qinetiq.com/home/united_states/apogen.html
is a subsidiary of McLean-based QinetiQ North America. The company has more than 700 employees providing IT support to the Department of Homeland Security at more than 100 locations across the U.S.

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