Serco & Labour Lord Filkin, labour Baroness Margaret Ford

Serco is part of the consortium led by Raytheon --called Trusted Borders - !!
who have got the contract to biometrically screen all uk visitors ...
New labours Lord Filkin is just non-executive of Serco (home affairs) plc and new labour Baroness Margaret Ford is on Sercos main board!! don't forget our friends Qinetiq
QinetiQ to play key role in UK Home Office e-Borders Project

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'Border' Defence sold to the US
Raytheon wins $1.3 billion UK contract
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eborders unease

Trusted Borders also includes Capgemini
John Birt, Baron Birt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia In 2006, Lord Birt (of blue skies thinking fame) joined the consulting firm Capgemini. ... Lord Birt, former director-general of the BBC and Prime Minister's strategy adviser, has been appointed adviser to the Board of Directors of Capgemini UK plc.

Serco on the Trusted Borders? website says "it is a British company which provides a range of key services to the UK Government and law enforcement agencies. The Mycroft intelligence system helps immigration officers track 'people traffickers' around the world, while Programme Cyclamen helps Revenue and Customs officers to detect illicit radiological material passing through ports and airports - reducing the chance of a terrorist 'dirty bomb'.
Serco is also a strategic partner to the UK Serious Organised Crime Agency, provides command and control systems for police forces and runs high-security prisons and prisoner escorting services. We are a partner in the Atomic Weapons Establishment, which maintains Britain's nuclear deterrent, and provide combat training and maintenance for British military helicopter pilots.
In short, across a wide range of key services vital to maintaining public safety and national security, Serco works as a committed partner to the UK Government."

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