Raytheon 9 trial Nov 19th

Trial of the Raytheon 9 is due to start in Derry today (nov 19th.) The 9 face charges arsising out of the disabling of Raytheon computers in Derry, Ireland, during the Israeli military bombing of Lebanon in 2006. Raytheon equipment was used extensively in the bombing of Lebanon.

Raytheon, the world's third largest arms corporation, was introduced to Derry as part of the "peace process". Go figure! Please check the following website for background on the nonviolent disarmament action and updates on the trial.

Last Saturday night (Nov 17th.) Gary Donnelly, one of the Raytheon 9 was attacked by police in Derry breaking his arm. See link below.... http://www.indymedia.ie/article/85112

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