Raytheon heat wave gun may be used in Iraq

From the article below
Raytheon, the company contracted to manufacture the prototype, has also received interest from several undisclosed European countries. The machine displayed last week cost about $10 million to build, but the directorate believes that the ADS can be put into production for $2-$5 million (£1-2.5 million) per device.

>>>only costs £1.2 million per device...could provide a lot of clean water in Iraq to the majority of people who don't have any.

US 'heat wave' gun may be used in Iraq --The US military directorate has invested more than a decade developing the Active Denial System (ADS). 21 Nov 2007 American commanders in Iraq are urging Pentagon chiefs to authorise the deployment of newly-developed heat wave guns to disperse angry crowds or violent rioters. Washington fears a barrage of adverse publicity in the suspicious Muslim world and is concerned that critics will claim the invisible beam weapons were being used for torture.
How I was zapped by a heat wave gun By Philip Sherwell 21 Nov 2007 On a cold and rain-swept morning on a US marine base, I stood and braced myself to be zapped by the latest prototype weapon in the American armoury - an invisible heat beam from a high-powered ray gun. The non-lethal device is designed for crowd control and the scientists responsible for monitoring this Star Trek technology had just assured me that I would suffer no harm and only temporary discomfort.

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