Resisting War Crimes Is Not A Crime – Defend the Raytheon 9!

It has been confirmed that the trial of Derry Anti War Coalition (DAWC) activists, the Raytheon 9, will start on Monday May19th, in the Laganside Courts in Belfast. The Raytheon 9 are charged with criminal damage and affray as a result of the non-violent direct action taken by DAWC on 9th August 2006 at the height of the Israeli assault on Lebanon.

There will be a mass protest outside the Court (opposite the Waterfront) from 9.30 to 10.30 on Monday 19th and every Monday morning as long as the trial continues. One of the defendants, journalist and civil rights’ activist Eamonn McCann, told Non Violent News “we can’t ask people to protest on a daily basis, but those who can spare an hour would be very welcome inside the Court to show support. Also, we will be gathering outside the Court every morning at 10.00am and we would be delighted to see anyone who wants to come along for just five minutes, to cheer us on, read a poem, do a piece of street theatre or anything else.”

Meanwhile, support for the Raytheon 9 is flooding in from across Britain and Ireland and as far afield as Australia. The Derry Anti War Coalition, which organised the action that led to the arrest of the nine, has linked up with campaigners in Wales who oppose British government plans to build a massive £14 billion Military Academy.

Davy McAuley, travelled to Cardiff recently to speak on behalf of the DAWC at a protest rally called by the Stop the St Athan's Military Academy Campaign. He says the proposed military academy “looks set to become Britain's 'School of the Americas' - a centre for counterinsurgency training and future imperialist adventures abroad.”

“The creation of a military super-academy at St Athan, between Cardiff and Swansea, was announced as a done deal in January 2007. Despite the fact this represented the biggest PFI in history, involving £14 billion of taxpayers' money, there had been no debate in either Westminster or the Welsh Assembly (Senedd).
“DAWC were invited to speak”, he says, “because the winning bidders for the project were the Metrix consortium. This consortium includes Raytheon and the anti-war people of Wales are as unhappy with their taxes pouring profits into the coffers of arms traders as are the anti-war people of Derry.

“The consortium also includes Qinetiq, the privatised research and development wing of the MoD. Qinetiq was recently the subject of intense criticism by the National Audit Office. Its privatisation was proposed by MoD managers - who then saw their shares rise 10,000% on the day of the sale!
Davey says that, in any case, “people need to imagine think about what else could be done with £14 billion! With hospitals and schools closing throughout Wales and the North of Ireland, with a desperate need to improve social facilities, create sustainable sources of energy etc, such public money could be invested in socially useful projects rather than the preparation for future wars of occupation like Iraq. For more information on Stop the St Athan's Military Academy Campaign, see http://www.cynefinywerin.org.uk/
There will be daily updates on this website during the trial.

Anyone who thinks they can help in any way should email resistderry@aol.com. There is a Raytheon 9 support group in Belfast to organise solidarity during the trial. It will try to provide accommodation for travelling supporters. Contact Gordon on 07742531617. For buses from Dublin, contact Mary on 0872917415 For buses from Derry, contact Davy on 07521527208 or Goretti on 07973528772

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Raytheon looking at Derry future
Global weapons giant Raytheon has confirmed it is "assessing its workload" at its Derry plant amid speculation that it is planning to axe staff. However a company spokesperson said no decisions have been made to reduce jobs.
One source told the Journal that the company, which operates a software development facility at Springtown, was considering cuts.The source said: "The future of the entire Derry operation is currently being discussed closure."However the company spokesman said yesterday evening: "While we are currently assessing our workload at the NISSC facility, no decisions have been made to reduce staffing levels. Our NISSC employees have exceptional skills and we fully anticipate the need for these skills in the future. Any decisions that are made with regard to staffing levels would, in the first instance, be communicated to our employees."

The US-based company has been involved in controversy in the city because it supplies munitions software to countries across the world, although it has denied that military work is carried out locally. A number of protests have been carried out at the Derry plant, with a protest against cluster bombs held there on Wednesday.The trial of a number of local people in connection with a protest at the company offices is due to begin next week in Belfast.
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Raytheon are manufacturers of weapons of mass destruction which have been used around the world to kill innocent men, women and children. Their claim that the work carried out in Derry is not of a military nature is nonsense. Much of the work in Derry is on internal Raytheon projects that directly support the running of the company. To claim that the Derry operation is not in support of Raytheons main business of arms manufacturing is daft. If I were to assist someone to murder a person by facilitating that murder and providing the means to do it then in a court of law I would be as guilty as they were. Why should the Derry Raytheon plant be any different. If the don't close down then they should be forced out as act act of solidarity with the many people around the world that their weapons are deployed against daily. Oh and what about the very secretive JETS program that is currently running down there at the minute. Are they still claiming that isn't a armaments program.

Rate payer, Derry 16/05/2008 18:03:10
Good Riddance! Let the free market fundamentalists and the Gerry Murrays of this world froth at the mouth, but let this be the beginning of the end of Raytheon globally.Now, let's take the massive state subsidy Raytheon have been getting (out of our taxes) and spend it on some sustainable jobs in Derry. Some co-operative business seed money? a plant for developing computer-based teaching aides for autistic children?a specialist cancer treatment and research centre for the north west of Ireland?

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