Police Surveillance tatics over academy

Look who’s watching!

SIR – The security implications of the Metrix military training academy coming to St Athan in the Vale of Glamorgan have not been admitted by its supporters.
Since personnel and the academy buildings would be potential targets for terrorist attack, high levels of surveillance and security are to be anticipated.
It is, however, a surprise that anti-Metrix campaigners are already being given this treatment.
At the anti-Metrix demonstration in Cardiff on Saturday, the Met’s special surveillance unit from London was openly photographing participants.
People travelling to Llantwit Major for leafleting in the town (announced on the website) were met off the train by half-a- dozen police officers.
A person posting leaflets around the doors in St Athan was followed around by a uniformed policeman.

Phone tapping appears included, judging by a police car waiting in a car park after people arranged by phone to meet there.

As Blair’s support for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan made England a target for terrorist attacks, so did new laws and police surveillance become necessary. Let’s recognise that the Metrix academy would take Wales further into the US military axis and bring military-style surveillance to the Vale of Glamorgan. Max Wallis
Fit Watch are a fluid group of people who have come together to resist and oppose the tactics of the Forward Intelligence Teams (cops who harass protesters)...that the non met cop in attendance was PC Bacon (1222) from Cambridge

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