No savings on st athan??? Big Brother fit?

Parliamentary Question on DTR Recently Mark Pritchard MP asked a parliamentary question on behalf of PCS:21 April 2008 : Parliamentary Question
Armed Forces: Training
Mark Pritchard: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence what estimate he has made of likely savings as a result of the Defence training review over the next 25 years.

Mr. Bob Ainsworth: The broad projection of the through life (30 years) savings of the DTR Package 1 project is approximately £400 million, although this continues to be subject to development of the Metrix solution. As previously announced, the way ahead for Package 2 is the subject of further work and therefore no specific estimate of the likely savings can yet be made.

FIT in Cardiff By Really Fit(FIT Watch) Pictures with numbers and where possible names of FIT and Evidence gatherers always welcome. Mail defycops@yahoo.co.uk. These pics are from a demo against a military academy at St Athans (nr Cardiff) which took place on the 26th April. ...Fit watch - http://fitwatch.blogspot.com/

What's the story?By David(David) Plaid Cymru, following on from their St Athan Military Academy confusion (on one hand welcoming it, on the other reiterates Plaid Cymru’s opposition to privatisation, including that of military training) it seems they're at it again. ...The Cynical Dragon - ttp://thecynicaldragon.blogspot.com/

Demonstration Against the St Athan Military Academy By Cheryl The demonstration was against the proposed St Athan Military Academy, which would mean enforced relocation or loss of jobs for many PCS members. From the PCS point of view there are several issues; risk to the front line, loss of skills ...PCS Shropshire Area - http://www.pcsshropshire.selfip.org/newspage

Questions at university over military academy By Greg Lewis(Greg Lewis) Protesters say they’ve found the first chinks in the armour of the arms and defence consortium behind the new St Athan training academy. Much is being made about the educational courses which will be on offer at the massive base – and ...What Is Wales And What Is It For? - http://whatiswales.blogspot.com/

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