Wales sold to war profiteers

Wales is fast becoming a TOTAL MILITARY TRAINING ZONE!
RAF Valley Privatised - More unaccountable war profiteers/arms dealers/clusterbomb manufacturers coming to Wales!!!

War is the oldest, the most profitable and the most vicious racket—one in which the profits are measured in dollars/pounds and the losses in body bags. The insanity of militarism is forced on Wales by New Labour without a cheep of protest.

Who has decided on this in Wales? Has it been discussed at the Welsh Assembly? Our Welsh politicians need to take a reality check!

RAF Valley currently trains air force and navy officers to fly jet planes. The new PFI scheme at RAF Valley will be the first step in a 25 year programme to be delivered by Ascent, the MoD's private training service provider - the total programme value is estimated to be worth up to £6 billion over the 25 years

The base at RAF Valley on Anglesey will be ‘upgraded’ as part of a PFI scheme that sees flying training for the RAF, Army and Navy run by a private firm, Ascent – a joint venture by US giant Lockheed Martin and VT Group, based in Southampton. All fast-jet pilot training will now take place at Valley, where pilots will use the new Hawk 128 aircraft.

Same old myths! The Ministry of Defence said the PFI deal would help cut costs and simplify a fragmented training system, as well bringing jobs to the area. Same old spin! dont believe a word of it.

VT Group, makes high-tech products for the military and intelligence services, and transport security firm TRL as well as defence industry stalwarts, BAE Systems, Meggitt, and Smiths Group, all suppliers to aviation and defence industry.

Private corporations working for profit now sway the course of national and international conflict, but shouldn’t the Welsh people be told the consequences. Are these huge multinational companies accountable and are they accountable in any way to the politicians and people of WALES? Answer..NO!

Human Rights Watch April 2008
The following US companies are associated with the current production of cluster
and their submunitions: Aerojet, Alliant TechSystems, General Dynamics, L-3
Communications, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, and Textron Defense Systems.

Armament: AIM-9 Sidewinder, Aden 30mm, Cluster Bombs
The T1A has two under-wing pylons cleared to carry BL755 cluster bombs or Sidewinder AIM-9L air-to-air missiles, and can carry a 30mm Aden cannon in a pod underneath the fuselage centre-line.

Top Guns to get training centre liftic Wales, United Kingdom - 4 hours agoA NEW training centre for Top Gun RAF pilots will be built in Wales in a new £635m deal announced by the Ministry of Defence. ...
Training deal to secure RAF baseBBC News, UK - 2 Jun 2008A multimillion-pound deal .. military training at RAF Valley on Anglesey is expected to be confirmed later. The base would deliver all ...
Written Ministerial Statements — Defence: Training (2 Jun 2008)
Bob Ainsworth: I am pleased to announce the award of a contract to Ascent valued at £63.5 million, a joint venture between Lockheed Martin and VT Group, for the UK military flying training system, which is designed to meet the long-term flying training needs of the UK armed forces. Ascent has been appointed as training system partner to work with the Ministry of Defence to incrementally procure and...

Written Ministerial Statements — Defence: Military Flying Training (30 Nov 2006)
Derek Twigg: I am pleased to announce that the Ascent Consortium has been selected as the preferred bidder for the UK military flying training system (UKMFTS) training system partner. The Ascent Consortium consists of Lockheed Martin and the VT Group. The training system partner will ... read the spin.....work with the Ministry of Defence to deliver a long-term, cost effective, flexible training capability for the future...oh yeah!!! don't think so!

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