Please can we have a debate in Wales about ...St Athan mercenary training world

Leanne Woods transcript of her question to Carwyn Jones AM, the Leader of the House, at the Senedd on July 1st.

Leanne Wood: I am sure that you will be aware of reports about documents received from the defence training review executive board,which show that there is a major affordability gap in the proposed St Athan development, that there are 15 significant risks to frontlinetroops from the Metrix proposal, that 72 percent of trainers have said that they do not want to move to south Wales and that the construction industry cannot cope with the project, which coincides with the construction work for the Olympics inLondon. Do you accept that in addition to all of these problems, the credit crunch will make borrowing more expensive, bearing in mind that this is also a PFI project? These are serious concerns which need to be given debating time in the Assembly. I accept that the decision around this development is not an Assembly decision and that it is not a devolved issue, but Members need to be satisfied that if this project falls apart, the Assembly’s budget will not be adversely affected.

Carwyn Jones:With regard to St Athan, it is important that we do not put ourselves in a situation whereby we, effectively, appear not to beable to deliver a project in Wales. We have the construction ability to build this project,and it is important that we make that point. If it is the case that many instructors do not want to come to Wales, that does not work very well in terms of selling Wales. I suspect that as soon as the project is up and running and building work begins and they see the facility being built, many people will want to move to Wales. We do not want to give the impression to the world that there is no point building anything in Wales because no-one wants to come here in any case; there is a great danger there. The commitment to the defence training academy is still extremely strong. The Ministry of Defence reaffirmed its commitment to package 1 on 31 January2008, and it is an important development that will bring many jobs to the Vale of Glamorgan and the wider surrounding area,including the Valleys. The full record of proceedings can be viewed here: http://www.assemblywales.org/bus-home/bus-chamber/bus-chamber-third-assembly-rop.htm?act=dis&id=91292&ds=7/2008#rhif2

pathetic... cap in hand to new labour and government uk - not even a debate. not a mention of the privatisation of the war machine..war profiteers,...mercenary training ... for a small now undisclosed number of jobs ......ethics? principles, policies don't matter.


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