Anti-metrix campaigners at Milton Keynes

Campaigners took the message to Milton Keynes - with the support of Mark Thomas - to highlight the key role the OU is proposing to play in the privatised military academy in bed with arms dealers & war profiteers Ratheon, Serco, Qinetiq, and incompetent EDS... and to ask what happened to ethics? What is the OU ethical stance?

Mark Thomas is in Cardiff
- Tue, 7 October (19:00) - Borders Bookshop - CF10 1AH - Talk and book signing.

see his website for more information.. http://www.markthomasinfo.com/

Mark's new book, "Belching Out the Devil" will be published on 25th September 2008. It is available for pre-order from Amazon

Mark new book is about Coca Cola. As many of you may know Coca Cola bottlers in Colombia face allegations that the plant managers colluded with paramilitaries to bring about the deaths of trade unionists working for the Coke plants.

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