St Athan academy triple whammy of rising costs, time delays and national security concerns

Meanwhile the silence from Welsh politicans is deafening!

Government auditors could investigate struggling defence PFI

The National Audit Office (NAO) has said it may investigate the £12bn Defence Training Review (DTR) project, as fears persist that the deal might not be viable.

"We will continue to monitor the defence department's progress to see whether and when the time might be right to start a full value-for-money investigation," said Tim Burr, the head of the NAO.

The deal would centralise defence training in St Athan, Wales. Mark Pritchard, a Conservative MP who sits on the Commons' defence committee, told the defence press the deal was on the verge of collapse due to a "triple whammy of rising costs, time delays and national security concerns".

A spokesman for Metrix, the preferred bidder on the project, said: "Metrix is pleased with the progress that it is making with the defence ministry and is working towards completing the process that will lead to contract signature by the summer of 2010."

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