Sodexo Meals Support Deportation and Oppression

Who is Sodexo?

The story behind Sodexo (tippped to replace LST and have a major role in Metrix) -

Sodexo shame - prisons, Harmondsworth Immigration Removal Centre (IRC) near Heathrow Airport, the largest deportation center in the U.K.

Sodexo Meals Support Deportation and Oppression the story from facebook
A capacity-building group for everyone who is aware that Sodexo Alliance "builds, finances, and manages" 127 prisons in 7 countries around the world, profiteering high crime rates, working class, and racial socio-economic oppression.

Students in over 900 United States school districts, colleges, and universities are purchasing Sodexo meal plans and spending their lunch money that augments the financial capital Sodexo can use to bid on and build prisons.

There is a great chance that Sodexo is your school's food contractor.

In at least four countries, Sodexo finances and manages the operation of their prisons beyond simply food provision.

In the U.K. they have an exclusive decades-long contract for Harmondsworth Immigration Removal Centre (IRC) near Heathrow Airport, the largest deportation center in the U.K.

From that facility, asylum seekers from Zimbabwe, Iraq, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and many other impoverished, war-torn nations have endured the "worst" conditions ever reported by Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Prisons. They are deported in military jumpsuits on military planes back to airports to areas of their countries they are not familiar with. Often, they are not adequately checked for signs of torture and testimonials indicate many have disappeared or been killed after extrication.

The process is called "fast track deportation" by U.K. bureaucrats.

At least seven detainee suicides have taken place at Harmondsworth and in 2006, the Inspectorate found that the Sodexo guards had only two noose-cutters in the 500 bed facility.

Two immigrant uprisings have occurred at Harmondsworth in the last three years, one in 2006 after the TV news reporting the conditions at Harmondsworth was turned off (aerial photo is pictured), and one on April 1st, 2008.

Currently, Sodexo is bidding on two new prison contracts in the U.K. that are a direct result of a higher demand for prisons, a higher crime rate.

Sodexo is opening a new prison December 2008 in Addiewell, Scotland.

The answer to crime is not for-profit prisons, it is affordable housing, free education, living wages, and full employment.

The answer to asylum demand is not extrication, it is amnesty for those escaping regimes, poverty, hunger, war, imperialism, torture, and death for something better.

Sodexo Alliance, a corporate citizen, is a foot soldier for the prison industrial complex and racist immigration policies.

We have been deceived and we must not be silent.

This group description is not a comprehensive or exhaustive list of Sodexo's injustices, so post your news, stories, and organizing methods related to the prison industrial complex.

Not With Our Money, a 1999 student-led direct action campaign on 60 college campuses, was successful in forcing Sodexo to divest from the Corrections Corporation of America.

Together, we can once again build a national movement resisting Sodexo and force them to end their prison profiteering and speak out against deportation and prison expansion.

In the news
Sodexo tipped to replace Trillium on £12bn MOD Defence Training PFI 02 Feb 2009
By Carol Millett

French firm firm Sodexo is tipped to replace Trillium on the MoD’s £12bn Defence Training Programme PFI deal.

Trillium quit as the equity partner in the consortium Metrix in December last year, citing concerns about rising procurement costs on the scheme.
Land Securities has since sold Trillium to rival Telereal. Following the sale Trillium has pulled out of bidding for anymore PFI deals. Metrix, which is led by QinetiQ and includes Laing O’Rourke, was chosen as preferred bidder on the scheme in December 2007.

The £12bn deal includes the construction of the £1bn Defence Technical Academy.
A Metrix spokesman declined to identify Trillium’s replacement but said an announcement would be made “soon”. Sodexo was unavailable for comment.
Sodexo provides fm and equity to a number of PFI schemes. It is also a recent entrant to the Building Schools for the Future programme but has yet to be shortlisted on a BSF scheme.

Victory for the SOAS Occupation in Solidarity with Gaza

By Ian Drummond, Respect National Committee member and SOAS student

On the evening of Tuesday 13th January a group of students at the School of Oriental and African Studies occupied the Brunei Gallery Suite at SOAS. This room, and the entire Brunei building it is in, is subcontracted to the company Sodexo, which also provides catering for the US army at Abu Ghraib prison (where standards infamously slipped after the end of Saddam’s regime) and runs brutal immigration detention centres in Britain. The company charges £1000 a night for the Suite, permanently pricing out the Student Union and student societies, but had given the space for free to an exhibition sponsored by the Ministry of Defence, aimed at schoolchildren, on ethnic minorities in the British Armed Forces from colonial times to the present....

UK Indymedia | Demo at Kalyx in support to the Harmondsworth detainees
Source: www.indymedia.org.uk
Following a protest by over 200 detainees at Harmondsworth immigration prison around 30 people turned up last Wednesday at the anonymous looking headquarters of Kalyx/ Sodexo, the company that runs the prison, in Edgware Road (just in front of the tube station).



UK Detention Services Ltd has changed its name to Kalyx Ltd. Another company, Kalyx Services Ltd, has also been registered. Kalyx is still owned by Sodexho ...



18/01/07: Video , photos and report on Kalyx - “Making everyday a better day.” Oscar Beard | 20.01.2007 01:36

Video of the protest outside Kalyx-Sodexho headquarters. photographs of Kalyx-run HMP Peterborough and a report on Kalyx and the Sodexho Alliance - listed as one of the companies profiteering from Guantanamo Bay.


180107:Kalyx_Sodexho_Protest - video/x-ms-wmv 4.2M

Spotlight on Sodexho Sodexho was the family business of JP Bellon of Marseille, who is still its main shareholder. The company, once mainly involved in catering, has expanded to supply armed forces, oil rigs, run privatised prisons and security services and is involved with supplying the US forces in Iraq and with Guantanamo Bay.

After Belon's financial support of Sarkozi's election campaign, Sarkozi made Bellon president of the French commission on selective immigration policies (managed migration). The most remarkable suggestion Bellon has so far made is that the average duration of immigration detention in Europe should be expanded to 18 months. Who profits?

Sodexho wins major MoD contract

(10 January 2008 16:53)

Sodexho has won its second major Ministry of Defence (MoD) contract in as many months in a deal worth £84m in total turnover. The company has signed a seven-year deal to provide catering, facilities management and domestic services to military personnel in Wales and the West Midlands.

Armed forces under the control of 143 (West Midlands) brigade, headquartered in Shrewsbury, and those training at facilities operated by 160 (Wales) Brigade, such as the Infantry Battle School at Brecon, are included.

Sodexho will look after 16 catering, retail and leisure sites along with 72 other locations. It will run them with a staff of 750 and update 50 catering, retail and bar units as part of the deal.

The caterer estimates it will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner to 5,500 service personnel a day and through its high-street like HUB! offer will introduce the MoD’s "Pay As You Dine" service.

In December, Sodexho signed a £50m plus deal with the London military at locations including the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace!

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