Corporations benefit off WARFARE

Those who support the pivatisation of war and handing British military training to Ratheon and Sodexho should read this article. We should ask our politicans should we have a system where corporations are allowed to benefit off of warfare?

Bill Moyers: The Rise of Private Armies -- Mercenaries, Murder and Corruption in Iraq and Afghanistan

By Bill Moyers, Bill Moyers Journal. Posted June 9, 2009.

Journalist Jeremy Scahill warns against the growing power of corporate private armies and the "disintegration of the nation state apparatus.

"most Americans are not aware that their dollars being spent in Afghanistan are, in fact, going to for-profit corporations in both Iraq and Afghanistan. These are companies that are simultaneously working for profit and for the U.S. government. That is the intricate linking of corporate profits to an escalation of war that President Eisenhower warned against in his farewell address. "

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