Airport Road bad news for Metrix

MP criticises airport road decision
WalesOnline - United Kingdom
Vale of Glamorgan MP John Smith said a new road is needed to serve not just the airport, but also the £12bn Defence Technical College planned for St Athan. ...

Dropping our defences? « David Jones, MP
By David Jones
This is what the local MP, John Smith, had to say at last May's Welsh Grand Committee: We must ensure that the infrastructure is right for the people of west Wales and mid-Wales, so that we have easy access to and from the site. ...

Welsh Ramblings: Tory Hypocrites
By Welsh Ramblings
Similarly, the Vale of Glamorgan Labour AM Jane Hutt campaigned against the link road, while Labour MP John Smith was calling for one. Mixed messages from the British parties as usual. A shift of emphasis away from building new roads ...
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David Jones seems to want it both ways at the same time. For example he quotes Vale of Glamorgan MP John Smith as saying, "If that road is not built, the college will still open ... " but then goes on to say, "The announcement [about the link road] will undoubtedly cause uncertainty over the future of the St Athan project."

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