Think selling out Wales. Think Plaid

Think selling out Wales. Think Plaid!
Have a look at Plaid Cymru manifesto for the 2010 general election!

Where do Plaid stand on the privatisation of military training and bringing disreputable corporations and arms dealers to waler! Like Raythoen - Sodexo and Quineq!   
We call for the immediate implementation of the much delayed (NEW LABOUR) strategic defense review 
Think New Labour. Think Plaid 
Also from the manifesto.
Plaid Cymru also recognises that there is opposition  to the proposed development of the St Athan Defence Training College in the Vale of Glamorgan. We therefore hold reservations and await reassurance that this large amount of public money will be used wisely and carefully to invest in high quality jobs and the local economy.
Think Lies. Think PLAID

Plaid Cymru MPs and AMs have been telling the people of Wales that centralising training at a new college would create 5,000 high quality jobs. 
Now Metrix are talking about 2,200 jobs in security, cleaning and catering   

Although fair play, Jill Evans has also telling her colleagues this for some time. Ieuan Wyn Jones would rather believe Metrix and lie to the Welsh people.

Jill Evans said 
"I have said many times that people in Wales have been misled over the St Athan project and that the job promises were wildly eggagerated. Those of us who have dared to question or oppose the project have been attacked over and over in the press by its supporters who refused to look at anything other than the jobs they claimed would come."
Anti metrix have always said this is about job relocation not job creation.

Think betrayal. Think Plaid

How can those of us seeking peace and justice opposing Metrix suceed when the  Ieuan Wyn Jones, the Deputy First Minister and Minister for the Economy and Transport ..
support for the project is quoted to us from the WAG and the MoD. 

Think Shame Think Plaid

The welsh assembly government didn't call this planning application in contrary to guidelines and with no AMs calling for it or opposing the plans then we are left with an inquiry into the compulsory purchase orders for the military college and aerospace fantasy. 

Just who are representing us the WELSH ASSEMBLY GOVERNMENT at the inquiry??? With the benefit of a lawyer.  

Brigadier Antony Harking,
Group Captain David Evans
Lt Colonel Johnny wheeler
Captain Robert Rusbriger Royal Navy
Michael Grimmel Sodexo
Paul Vinning 

And a local at last ...Nicky Goodwin Bailey
who came into the WAG from the old WDA and boasts of being the one to start the ball rolling on the military PFI! She was quiet happy to state that there was no assessment of the impact of the effects on Welsh culture or the Welsh language or the impact on S East Wales and on Cardiff especially with regard to policing and NHS. 

She also boasts of being the author of the previous red dragon debacle! Was it 46 jobs created at a cost of about £2.5 million per job!!! Building on failure!?

If we don't want Wales to turn in to a massive military playing field  
for arms dealers and war profiteers and worse a source of cannon fodder then this department should have a massive shake up and be looking away from military sector and the declining aerospace to other areas. We want genuine  high quality jobs which could be created by thinking green jobs. 

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alanindyfed said...

I have contacted the Plaid leadership and their response is that their 2010 policy manifesto has not yet been finalised and published. However I agree basically with your position on the military base, as does Jill Evans. I suggested that Plaid clarify their views on the issue.