Cosford troops move delayed

1. Midlands Express and Star

Cosford troops move delayed

Monday 15th March 2010, 5:59PM GMT.

Long-awaited plans to move more than 2,500 troops from Germany to RAF
Cosford have been shelved for two years, it emerged today - prompting fears
up to 400 workers could lose their jobs at the air base.

The 102 Logistic Brigade and their families had been due to move in 2016.
But military bosses said it would not now happen until at least 2018.

Defence minister Bill Rammell said RAF Cosford's Defence College of
Aeronautical Engineering, which provides British armed forces training,
would still move to St Athan in Wales from 2014.'

2. Shropshire Star

Mothballing fear over RAF Cosford « Express & Star 

16 Mar 2010 ... RAF Cosford will be “mothballed” and hundreds of staff left with “nothing to do” for years after plans to expand it as a military base were delayed for ... It will leave no military presence at the base currently home to more ... This incompetence is likely to cost up to 400 jobs in Shropshire and ...

www.expressandstar.com/.../mothballing-fear-over-raf-cosford/ - 

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