Bell Pottinger ghosted article

St Athan defence college would be good for Wales propaganda 

DEFENCE Secretary Liam Fox is no doubt embroiled in “interesting discussions” with colleagues at the Treasury over whether the coalition Government will commit to a new single-location training facility for the Armed Forces in the Vale of Glamorgan.Read
I would point out this is not "breaking news" but an opinion piece ghosted by a journalist and originating from the PR company Bell Pottinger on behalf of Metrix.  It was placed in "business" columns to answer a properly reported piece in the news columns of the same paper a week ago.
It uses this cover to attack Plaid Cymru and their elected MEP and Assembly Members.
We expect the PR company is mis-using Wales on line Website to get the case for their Client through without attribution.  This strategy was disclosed by Private Eye 4 August issue.
Massive PR campaign to save Defence Training College (DTC)
Documents leaked to Private Eye disclose a “massive PR campaign” using PR company Bell Pottinger “appealing to the baser instincts of influential parliamentarians”.   [Private Eye, 4th August:  Defence PFI “In a Spin”]

This started with “congratulation letters”, drafted by Bell Pottinger to the re-elected MPs, followed by “message development” setting out that “there would be a series of good news events eg openings year by year  to 2015 if DTC goes ahead… (But) there would, be contrast, be a considerable backlash in Wales if it did not”.  Supportive Lib Dems in Wales were targeted as “a route through to David Laws and Nick Harvey”.

Nick Harvey is Lib-Dem armed forces Minister and David Laws, replaced by Danny Alexander, is Lib-Dem Treasury Minister.

A subtle media campaign was also on the cards, say Private Eye: “Background meetings only – no on the record sources… with a selection of senior commentators/financial specialists”.

Recently MP Chris Bryant took £2,500 from Bell Pottinger...

Worry at massive St Athan cost rise‎
WalesOnline - James McCarthy - 20 Aug 2010
QUESTIONS have again been raised over the future of St Athan's defence training college after it emerged costs have rocketed by £3bn in two and a half years ...

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