End of St Athan nonsense

Minister announces MoD to learn nothing from DTR and to press towards single site for DTT

The story from PCS ...26 July 2011
The collapse of the Defence Training Review (DTR) was welcome news following the election of the ConDem government, although our union was concerned about what other harebrained schemes might be dreamt up in the corridors of power.
The MoD, in somewhat of a panic, asked the Defence Colleges to come up with, what our union can only categorise as, crisis solutions and back of the envelope calculations for future training. This led to a large number of potential configurations of solutions - which the MoD refused to share with the trade unions. This refusal was despite a number of requests - indeed the MoD itself seemed unable to definitively advise the unions of how many potential solutions there were, with AC Gammage advising there were twenty one

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