Boycott investments in Raytheon!

The campaign agaisnt the St Athan Military Academy accuses the Welsh Assembly Government of hypocrisy over cluster bombs. Politicans profess their opposition to cluster bombs but invite Raytheon to Wales - spend money encouraging Raytheon to Wales - invest in Raytheon!

Rhodri Morgan "we have worked very hard to get this project for Wales. the reference to cluster bombs and Raytheon by campaigners is a simple guilt by association argumnet with absolutely no supporting evidence. They should be ashamed of themselves for using such a smear as a substitute for intelligent argument."

Greens accuse government of hypocrisy over cluster bombs
Earthtimes, UK - 14 Feb 2008 Wellington - New Zealand was accused Thursday of hypocrisy in hosting an international conference aimed at banning cluster bombs while a government pension ...He said the state pension fund in Norway, where the drive for an international treaty prohibiting the use of the weapons began a year ago, had boycotted investments in US companies Lockheed and Raytheon which manufacture them.

Time to stop loving the money from the bomb
Scoop.co.nz, New Zealand -14 feb
The Green Party is calling on the New Zealand Super Fund to urgently withdraw from its ever-increasing investments in cluster bomb manufacturers before the ...

Wellington Conference to Address Cluster Munitions Threat
Scoop.co.nz, New Zealand - 11 Feb 2008
Next week in Wellington the New Zealand Government is hosting an international conference on a treaty to prevent humanitarian disasters created by cluster ...

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