Raytheon & Cluster bomb JSOW

Raytheon Continuing Investment In JSOW-ER Effort

Trading Markets (press release), CA -
Raytheon is touting JSOW-ER, also known as Block IV, as a weapon that can deliver a range of 300 nautical miles for $350000 or less. ...

Read it up for your self on Raytheons own sales blurb. Must be a good profit here then but no ethics.

Product Data Sheet


About 90,000 dollars a pop! The JSOW is just over 13 feet in length and weighs between 1000-1500 pounds. Extra flexibility has been engineered into the AGM-154 by its modular design, which allows several different submunitions, unitary warheads, or non-lethal payloads to be carried. The JSOW will be delivered in three variants, each of which uses a common air vehicle, or truck, while substituting various payloads.Less« Cost ?

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