How much will it cost?

NAO Response to DTR Concerns.

News Published by Cheryl under Cosford, MoD

Following a response from Tim Burr NAO Comptroller to Mark Pritchard dated 17th Nov, members are now receiving a cut and paste response from Mark Andrews Director Defence VFM. Of interest in the response, reference to the total cost of the programme being £12billion was announced in Sept to Mark Pritchard, yet John Smith used £12billion in a question in the House in July 21st. Remember it was only in Nov 07 that after question from Liam Fox they admitted it was £11billion. Also if Department told by Metrix in March that there had been significant cost increase and by May it was unaffordable, then why did the Minister on April 21 2008 tell Mark Pritchard that Package 1 would save taxpayers £400million over the life of the contract ? The affordability of DTR remains sceptical given these inconsistencies. Only in this Country can the NAO decide to investigate after the horse has bolted i.e contract signature.

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