Camargue spin/fake support for Military PFI for Rhodri

Letter to Gem on Camargue spin on 'consultatrion'.

"Overwhelming" support for Defence College

My letter (Gem 9th April) pointed out that it was Camargue who first claimed "overwhelming" public support.
That's not "my opinion" as your editorial pen added, but in their conclusion (see "analysis of comments received" on www.st-athanconsultation.co.uk) and based on 20 positives out of 35 answers.

Rhodri Morgan may have other evidence. I asked his office for it on 26th March. As he didn't have a written speech, I asked for a copy of the notes or briefing for the speech.

I am still waiting for it. The delay makes it more likely that Rhodri's staff used the Camargue report and are embarrassed that the actual figures are so poor. Would they or Camargue take responsibility for the gaff?

An underlying question is why did Metrix and the Welsh Assembly Government engage Cheltenham-based Camargue, who were named by PRWeekas the biggest PR agency outside London and who proclaim expertise in media relations?

Camargue have no understanding of Wales of or genuine public consultation, so perhaps Metrix was the driver and we pay through WAG. And unable to put positive spin on the MoD's downgrading of the Defence Academy to "Defence College", Camargue simply amended the title in Orwellian style in their "analysis of comments received".

Max Wallis

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