Llanmaes Village up in arms over Metrix Development Plan

Llanmaes Village up in arms over Metrix Development Plan
Public's views ignored by Welsh Assembly planners

The meeting was held on 16 April with Jane Hutt AM (Welsh

Assembly Government, Cabinet member) and 3 speakers
from the Welsh Assembly development branch. It was
attended by approximately 100 people from the Village, the

biggest turnout at any Public Meeeting held in the Village.

The meeting focussed on 3 main points:
1] The Northern Access Road
2] The proposed housing developments
3] The cosmetic nature of the "consultation" exercises.

Access road - despite all arguments in favour of an access
road via West Camp or using the existing Eglwys Brewis
Road, the Assembly planners were adamant that their
proposals were the only "realistic" approach. A vote was
called and only one member of the community was in favour
of the proposed new road.

Housing - There was considerable concern about the
planning creep of these plans, and the proposals to build
on a greenfield leisure site when considerable brownfield
land was available inside the perimeter of the existing
base. Concern was expressed that the housing development
will have a major impact on the area.

Consultation - most of those present had attended one or
more of the presentations or discussion forums and the
universal response was that all representations had been
ignored by representatives of both Metrix and the WAG

In view of the strength of feeling expressed by the residents of the village, Jane Hutt proposed:

1] To hold a meeting with the Community Council at which Metrix and the WAG planners would be present.

2] To have a public presentation in Llanmaes, focussing on the Road and Housing developments.

Jane Hutt also proposed a separate, similar, meeting with Llantwit Major town council

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