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Chris Franks AM Plaid Cymru shocked by road plans! But not shocked about military training being privatised and run by ratheon arms makers and war profiteers!

Chris franks AM not shocked about the militarisation of Wales and theat meaning no way for welsh independence of any kind!

Chris Franks from Plaid lies..no principles party

Chris Franks AM visited Millands Park, Llanmaes 10th August to meet the residents and see for himself the route and likely impact of the proposed Northern Access Road. This road will cross green-fields and result in considerable noise and light pollution affecting the residents of Millands Park as well as much of Llanmaes, Eglwys Brewis and Boverton.

This road will mean that all transport for the Defence Technical College and Aerospace Park will travel some 5km further, with considerably increased carbon emissions, than if the access road was built from the South, to the East of the existing West Camp entrance. Plans for such an alternative route, crossing a brown field site have been drawn up by local resident David Harris and have been supported by Llanmaes Community Council and local resident groups. They can be viewed on the website www.wix.com/StAthan/stag

Chris Franks, Plaid Cymru Regional AM for South Wales Central who lives in the Vale, had previously met Millands Park residents when they presented petitions to the National Assembly and to the Vale of Glamorgan Council. He stated that he strongly supports their campaign to change the route of the access road. Their campaign also has the strong support of Llanmaes Community Council. Mr Franks said that he was really shocked by the plans for the Road and for the adjacent service family housing developments when brown field sites were available. He agreed that the developments should take place within the existing St Athan camp boundaries.

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