Privatisation of military speeds up

Not a word from Plaid Cymru AMs or MPs on this..so much for their opposition to PFI and militarisation of Wales....no almighty uproar.....? Why? More important things to do like twittering about their blackberry's!
If they hadn't kept so quiet on this we might have stopped it....blood on plaid cymru hands.... as more of our young people will be enticed in to the military to be canon fodder. And there goes Welsh independence with this UK training base in Wales.
QinetiQ Group: Metrix Awarded GBP31 Million Training Pact By MOD
CNNMoney.com - USA
-The Early Training Transformation (ETT) contract will see the consortium, the Preferred Bidder for the MOD's DTR Package 1 Project, take the first ...

QinetiQ and Sodexo JV Metrix wins £31 mln MoD training contract
Proactive Investors UK - London,England,UK
The financial close on the overall DTR programme remains on track for 2010, ... TheDTR Package 1 Project aims to transform the way the MoD delivers ...

Metrix is a consortium led by QinetiQ, which leads the training delivery arm and Sodexo, an international facilities management group, and war profiteer chosen by the MoD to provide training design and development services. It will also build and run the MoD's Defence Technical College in St Athan, South Wales

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