Jane Davidson turns a blind eye to St Athan PFI


Welsh Assembly Minister JANE DAVIDSON decided NOT to call in this controversial application! Her decision was NOT TO INTERVENE! We have to formally request the papers relating to this to find out what reasons were actually given for not calling this in!

Political lackeys all of them as the decision is made to follow their Westminster bosses like sheep!

Cynefin y Werin View Why they should have called it in!

The Cynefin y Werin network represents NGOs/ organisations active throughout Wales, concerned with engaging on Welsh national and international issues.

We were aware of your letter (WAG) to the Vale of Glamorgan Council of 28th May 2009 ref. P/DC 2009/00500&005001.

We note that the Vale’s Planning Committee resolved on 24 September to notify you of their intention to grant planning permission for these two developments which are departures from the development Plan. They did not decide – and would not notify you – of the significance of the departures. Nor did they specify the issues that they did not consider, in particular the arguments over security, with the DTC being a prime target for ‘terrorist’ attack and aerospace work on military systems up to the most sensitive level.

Our objections to the applications included a request for call-in by the Assembly Government.

We view these planning proposals as environmentally and economically unsustainable; based upon an unsound, speculative aerospace prospectus; socially undesirable for the locality and community; presenting security risks to people locally and in Wales as a whole. In view of the grave importance to all the people of Wales, as well as those in the Vale of Glamorgan, of these proposals we are appalled that both Applications are NOT to be called in by the Welsh Assembly Government for further examination and for Public Inquiry.

We note that the criteria call-in cover developments that inter alia

* could have wide effects beyond their immediate

* give rise to substantial controversy beyond
the immediate locality;

* raise issues of national security; or

* raise novel planning issues.

All these points apply, if we interpret ‘national’ as Wales and ‘novel planning issues’ as covering the aerospace/military security concern. The aerospace business park is a speculative venture
that has not passed normal business criteria but blights a large area for development plans for 15-20 years hence.

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