Inquiry into St Athan DTC and Aerospace Park

Inquiry into St Athan DTC and Aerospace Park set for 12 January

Emyr Jones of the Planning Inspectorate held a preliminary meeting with Inquiry participants last week (3 Nov) and announced that the Inquiry would be held for about 3 weeks from 12
January in the Docks Offices in Barry.

There are 21 objectors notified at present, with several professional firms, as well as Llanmaes Community Council and Friends of the Earth (Barry & Vale).

The Inspector said the major reconstruction of the Weycock Cross junction and new Port Road approach had attracted many objections and he proposed to treat this part as a separate mini-Inquiry.

On the St Athan projects themselves, he said the Welsh Assembly Government would have to make a compelling case in the public interest for the compulsory purchases, and would have to
show a clear idea of what the land is for, that resources will be available for the developments within a reasonable time-scale and no planning impediments exist that might block them.

Max Wallis of Friends of the Earth said the Inspector’s emphasis on his independence from the Welsh government is welcome. He asked for disclosure of contractual arrangements between
the Assembly Government and Metrix. Max Wallis also expressed concern
that WAG's Counsel (Andrew Porten QC) proposed to give evidence only on
aspects of the case that bear on "delivery of the scheme".

The Inspector said he would allowfurther objectors to join the Inquiry, saying there is nothing to preclude others from taking part. He set 15th December as the date for
submission of Statements of Case.

The Inquiry Programme Officer is
Andrea Thomas (c/o Sarah Manning 01443 335617)

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