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Despair MOD Brainwashing
Who is to tell our children the TRUTH?

Future Soldier - From Fiction to the Frontline - supports National ...WebWire (press release) - Atlanta,GA,USA
Other defence sector events this week include QinetiQ, Rolls-Royce and Thales UK interacting with a number of schools in various parts of the UK, ...See all stories on this topic

Specialists from the MOD also work with the Engineering Development Trust (EDT) and their ‘Go 4 SET’ Scheme which aims to stimulate the interest of young people in Science Engineering and Technology. The MOD provides support to teachers to deliver science and other key curriculum lessons via the free, online Defence Dynamics teaching resource. Covering themes as diverse as mapping, flooding, genetic engineering and survival skills, lessons not only apply theory in the real world but also encourage students to debate the moral issues behind the introduction of new technology.

Read John Smith MP boasts of St Athan on the Curriculum here

Ilegal Propaganda in Schools
Marching in March The Observer, UK - 15 Mar 2008
Tens of thousands of children in the UK, myself included, walked out of school to say no to the war. At my Welsh comprehensive, 50 or so sixth formers ...With anti-war anthems like the Ugly Rumours gaining chart success and films like Nick Broomfield's Battle of Haditha getting rave reviews, perhaps this is a new way to focus and spread dissent Lena de Casparis
Lena de Casparis lives in London, and works for Red Pepper magazine.

Defence Dynamics 'FREE' propaganda
Includes links to MOD and nice military pics here not a drop of blood in sight!
from the website...SCIENCE - Lesson Plans
1. Describing waves - types of wave here This lesson introduces students to wave types, considering the properties of transverse and longitudinal waves, gaining familiarity with key vocabulary and the wave equation. Extended applied examples are considered, including the prediction of the site and scale of earthquake, 4D imaging of foetuses and various military applications used in both defence and humanitarian contexts, such as ground to air aircraft tracking, mine clearance and submarine navigation. The second half of the lesson focuses on developing a deeper understanding of waves via the study of seismic waves. Students consider their impact and measurement and review the role of the MOD in providing humanitarian aid after the 2005 Kashmiri earthquake. Interactive exercises and games are all progressive, supported with video and further resources. Students are encouraged to consider other applied examples, whilst varied teaching styles assist comprehension and impact.

2. SCIENCE - Lesson Plan Gases in the atmosphere here (Greenwash)
The MOD's Defence Estates policy is used as a case-study for responsible land management, including its proactive treatment of sites to minimise methane and CO2 output and its reactive remit for ensuring non-pollution of land (thus ensuring biodiversity and responsible CO2 production). MoD Topic Reduction of pollution in MOD sites
Curriculum Checklist..SC3 (Materials and their properties 2) p) how the Earth's atmosphere and oceans have changed over time q) how the carbon cycle helps to maintain atmospheric composition SC4 (Physical processes) 4d) about some ideas used to explain the origin and evolution of the universe.

3. Genetic engineering here

4, SCIENCE - Lesson Plan Radio waves and microwaves here ..This lesson provides a comprehensive introduction to radio waves and microwaves. Multi-media resources and interactive exercises reinforce understanding of civilian applications and the move towards wireless transmissions. The work of the Royal Corps of Signals, IT and communications providers for the Army, is used to provide an exciting real life context for applications of microwave and radio wave technology, with everyday civilian examples drawn on as well. MoD Topic Royal Corps of Signals
I wonder if it mentions EDS of the metrix consortium and the huge failures of MOD IT systems?

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