Ibrahin Mousawi visit to cardiff criticised by tories and orthodox rabbi

‘We don’t want people preaching politics of hate in our county’
Mar 1 2008 by David James, South Wales Echo
A CONTROVERSIAL journalist dubbed “a spokesman for terrorists” is to speak in Cardiff on Monday.

In defence of ‘freedom fighters’ Mar 1 2008 by David James, South Wales Echo IBRAHIM Mousawi said he was coming to Cardiff with a message of peace and denied Hezbollah were terrorists.

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Despite this, Mr Mousawi's here tonight, addressing a Stop the War Coalition rally - but first, he'll stop by the studio and explain how that squares with ...

Calls have been made to ban a controversial Middle Eastern figure ...

Mr Mousawi is said to edit Hezbollah's newspaper, Al-Intiqad, and to have been political editor of Al-Manar television, the group's main mouthpiece. ...
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The man David Cameron has tried to ban from Britain will be speaking at a special public meeting in Cardiff on Monday about the need for activists around the world to oppose the “War on Terror” and get the troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Ibrahim Mousawi, editor of the Hizbollah newspaper Al-Intiqad (Criticism), is accused by Cameron of being a “vicous antisemite”, a charge he vehemently denies.

“I have nothing against Jews. I have nothing against any human being, whether because of religion, gender or political affiliation,” said Mousawi, who recently invited five Jewish rabbis to a conference in Beirut and hosted their visit.

Also appearing is Hassan Juma'a, the leader of the Iraqi Oil Workers Union which has campaigned against the privatisation of sections of the Iraqi Oil industry. They recently struck to demand that Iraqi oil stay in the hands of the people and remain a nationalised industry.

“It was our duty as Iraqi workers to protect the oil installations since they are the property of the Iraqi people and we are sure that the US and the international companies have come here to put their hands on the country’s oil reserves.”

The meeting, part of a UK-wide 'World Against War' tour, will unite these speakers with activists and trades unionists in what will be the biggest Stop the War event in South Wales since before the invasion of Iraq five years ago.

“People like David Cameron attack Mousawi because Hizbollah has the arrogance to fight to defend Lebanon from invasion and devastation,” said Jonny Jones, one of the officers of the local Stop the War group. “In Iraq, people like Hassan Juma'a are fighting a daily battle to defend their country's resources from foreign plunder and for an end to the occupation that has cost a million lives and billions of pounds. British activists will be inspired to hear what these people have to say and they, in turn, will be able to take the solidarity of the British movement back to their countries.”

They will be joined by members of the British anti-war movement including Professor Justin Lewis, Head of the Cardiff School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies, whose work includes extensive research into the pro-war bias of much of the mainstream media. Also speaking are Anne Greagsby of campaign against the St Athan Military Academy and Chris Nineham from the Stop the War Coalition.

The meeting will take place on Monday, March 3rd at 7.30pm in the Main Law Lecture Theatre, Law Building, Cardiff University, Park Place, Cardiff. A coach will be available from Swansea, which will leave the front of Fulton House on Swansea University's Singleton Campus at 6.30pm. Admission is free and all are welcome.

More quotes from Mr Mousawi:

“I want to refute this notion that there is a ‘clash of civilizations’. I believe that all over the world, people want the same things. We all want to be with our families; we all want to come back to our kids at the end of the day and bring bread to their tables and give them a good education, to live in harmony and peace.”

“We want genuine peace. We don’t want compromises and we don’t want to go again and again to the same vicious cycle every 10 years or five years, where you make a temporary settlement and you end up with another war coming. The roots of the problem, the roots of the cause of the problem, should be addressed.”

“Governments should not censor what people have to say and confiscate the right of intelligent people to decide what to hear or not to hear. I’m a staunch defender of political freedoms and freedom of speech.”

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