Bristol Raytheon rooftop protest enters its second week

 LATEST Raytheon protests! Raytheon is one of the METRIX Consortium 

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Raytheon rooftop protest enters its second week


An occupation of the roof of the Raytheon offices in Bristol has

reached its second week despite sub-zero temperatures. The direct

action began in protest at Raytheon's supply of weapons used in Iraq,

Afghanistan and Palestine. Anti-militarist activists have been

targeting Raytheon since October and have formed the Smash Raytheon


Diary http://www.corporatewatch.org/?lid=3189

Saturday, 20 December 2008: Solidarity demonstration for the ongoing

Raytheon rooftop protest in Bristol. Anti-militarist protestors have

been on the roof of Raytheon since the 9th of December and don't

intend to leave "till Raytheon leave or they starve." For more

details, see http://raytheonout.wordpress.com.

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