People in Wales call for an end to the bombing of Gaza

CND Cymru press release 30th December 2008

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People in Wales call for an end to the bombing of Gaza

A new year's eve vigil will take place at the Nye Bevan statue, Queen St,
Cardiff between 5-6pm tomorrow (31st December) in response to the
persecution and bombing of defenceless civilians in Gaza.

It is of particular significance to us in Wales that many of these attacks
on Gaza are being carried out with fighter jets, fuel and missiles provided
by the taxpayers of the USA. In 2006, the United States signed a $1.3
billion contract with the arms manufacturer Raytheon for thousands of TOW,
Hellfire, and 'bunker buster' missiles, to add to Israel's ever growing
arsenal - which already includes at least 200 nuclear warheads1. Raytheon is
a major player in the Metrix Consortium which has won the contract to build
a multi billion pound privatised MoD 'Defence Academy' in the Vale of
Glamorgan 2.

CND Cymru Vice Chair Ray Davies said today:
'While we in Wales relaxed and enjoyed a peaceful Christmas, death and
destruction rained down on the men, women and children of Gaza.'

'Our televisions showed us the painful images of screaming children,
hysterical mothers, the injured grasping their Korans as they were carried
to the Gaza Al Awda Hospital which Welsh charitable money helped to build.'

'The charity Middle East Childrens' Alliance emailed us in Wales to say that
following the attacks they had no medicine, blood plasma, or beds and they
were, unable to cope with the hundreds of casualties and the dying being
brought to their doors.'

'As mealy mouthed politicians around the world come out with their pathetic
well balanced condemnation of the violence on both sides, people ask, 'just
what can we do?''

Jill Gough CND Cymru National Secretary commented:
'Should the St Athan 'Defence Academy' go ahead, Wales would be playing a
central role in training military forces to bomb civilians in their homes
using Raytheon (and other manufacturers') weapons.'

'At the end of all this, there will have to be talking and negotiation, why
not cut out the senseless bullying, destruction, suffering and waste of life
- which is exacerbating both the short and the long term situation, and just
start the talking right now.'

'The only beneficiaries of military violence are the arms manufacturers and
their shareholders.'

Tomorrow's vigil may be a small expression of solidarity given the terrible
suffering being wrought on the ordinary people of the region, but this is
only part of a largely unreported worldwide protest being voiced around the
World 3.

Vigil organisers CND Cymru and Palestine Solidarity Cymru are asking people
to channel their anger to try and change the never ending cycle of death and
destruction, and bring justice to both sides and to put pressure on our
government and the United Nations to take firm action to end the violence
and the occupation.

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