Jobs and trainee numbers

Severe shrinkage of the grand ‘Academy’ Project
How many Trainees?
The original estimate was 6000 Trainees, for both ‘Packages’ 1 and 2, when the grand  “ Defence Training Academy ” was announced in January 2007.  The 2009 estimates for the ‘ Defence Technical College ’ were under half that - after dropping Package 2, shortening courses, and distributing some training at the nine “learning centres”.  The Inquiry document CD5B.7 Table 1.4 of January 2010 gave 2700 DTC places while the Metrix presentation in March/April 2009 gave 2500.
The Strategic Defence Review is likely to cut standing forces; eg. a reduction in the army from 100 000 to 80 000.  A proportional cut in trainees leaves 2000-2160, one third of the original estimate.
old figues
Metrix DTC numbers given at St Athan Inquiry
The original estimates for the  “ Defence Training Academy ” were based on 6000 Trainees, for both ‘Package 1 and 2.  The present estimates are under half that, after dropping Package 2, shorter courses, reductions from integration and reorganising with some training at the nine “learning centres”.   Numbers used at the Inquiry were in document CD5B.7 Table 1.4.
It appears that the reduced trainee population could be accommodated at the Blandford site’s 4000 living units.  Surely the requirement for new-build Service Family Accommodation would be reduced and the loss of civilian personnel in transfer to St Athan would be reduced too, if the integrated tri-service training were provided there.
The MoD has still not decided on alternative use for Blandford facilities. The minister told North Dorset MP Bob Walter (late Feb.): "We are pursuing alternative defence uses for Blandford Camp, but it is still too early to say what these might be."
Is the use of Blandford rather than almost full new-build at St Athan being considered, as a lower cost fall-back option?
Details of numbers:
Rebuttal Proof of Michael Grimmel/Sodexo  AA 4.2
  •  Trainees – planning for 2750 trainee population (as put in the planning submission document; 2500 was given elsewhere, a later figure from April 2009) 
  •  Single Living Accommodation 3240 units – includes ‘single’ military staff and  some awaiting courses. 
  •  Military staff – 700 project staff plus 310 Non-Project Units (includes Museum, and REME band from Arborfield).  The 700 project staff is also as in the planning submission, 655 was given later in April 2009.
Rebuttal Proof of Lieut Colonel J R Wheeler (of DTR Integrated Project Team) AA7.1
# Service family accommodation – need for 483 new units plus the 70 existing units (128 for Officers, grades 2-5, 355 for other ranks Types C,D)
- total need was based on 787 (not 700) project staff; reduce by 17% if really 655.
then total need for SFA reduces from 553 to 460.
Civilian staff numbers:  under “facilities and estates” Metrix give 910 (or 865 April 2009) which include security, transport, catering, as well as project management.  The 200 higher grades at Blandford may not be sufficient, but would make a good basis for recruiting others, instead of losing the majority of such experienced personnel by the move to St Athan.
Civilian Staff
Metrix numbers in facilities and estates are 910 (CD5B.7) or 865 (April 2009) which include security, transport, catering, as well as project management.
Civilian Trainer Staff
Trainer staff to be transferred from existing training centres number ~700
Military staff 
Military staff to be seconded to the project number 700 (CD5B.7), or 655 (April 2009).
The case to the Inquiry gave 3000 jobs total from the ABP development, by including non-project staff (including Museum and the REME band).  The 3000 total appears chosen in advance, then the subtotals adjusted upwards from the April 2009 figures to give the round sum 3000, whereas the DTC project total is ~2200.   This will presumably be cut further in the Strategic Defence Review.
QUESTION – as the Project is near one third of the original size, why not review it for fitting into an existing MoD base, where housing and other facilities would lie unused?

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