Missing report from St Athan CPO inquiry

In January members of the Cynefin y Werin anti-metrix group gave evidence to the St Athan military training PFI CPO inquiry but as yet no report from the inspector has been made available to us!  Why has the inquiry failed to issue a decision?
WAG and MoD are working together to delay the publishing of the inspectors report! Has the applicant Ieuan Wyn or any of his officials seen the report r participated in decisions on when and whether to grant the CPOs requested?

Has minister Ieuan Wyn Jones abused his position of privilege in his efforts to promote this privatisation of military training?

 Has the inspector decided that the Weycock Cross road junction development is necessary or essential?
Has a case been made for spending £10million plus on an unneeded road junction which wasn't ewven in the Vale of Glamorgans UDP?

Bearing in mind that the whole St Athan project has been severely scaled down,  which removes all logic for building a new college from scratch, evidence  given to the public enquiry by MoD officials revealed that the capacity of the proposed college to have been scaled back from 6,000 trainees to 2,700! Yet they still plan to  spend £240 million on SLA (single living accommodation) and £130.5 million on housing out of a total of £830.5 million!

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