MP should argue the case for Cosford more strongly!

MP should argue the case for Cosford more strongly!

Mark Pritchard MP argued for keeping training at Cosford and sending the army logistics brigades to St Athan during Defence Questions in the Commons on 5th July.

Tory MP Mr Pritchard said: “Does it not make sense, given the presence of the extra special forces support group and the 1st Battalion Parachute Regiment and indeed the logistic hangars and the very long runway indeed at RAF St Athan in Wales, to actually have 1 and 2 logistics brigade return to St Athan rather than RAF Cosford in Shropshire?”

The Defence College of Aeronautical Engineering would then stay at Cosford airbase.
While this alternative was not chosen originally, the large down-sizing of the integrated Training College (from 6000 to 2700 or even 2000 trainee places) brings the Cosford option back into reckoning.  Little investment would be needed for the reduced numbers.

Nick Harvey’s ministerial reply showed he’s unaware of the down-sizing and unwilling to make a proper reassessment.  Too much a prisoner of his civil servants!

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