Qinetiq, Welsh Assembly

qinetiq Secure £5m Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Contract Azom.com - USA qinetiq's support for the development of the Welsh Assembly Government initiative at parcaberporth in West Wales as a "Centre of Excellence" for Unmanned ...See all stories on this topic

Spy In The Sky News By Wat Tyler(Wat Tyler) According to his friend from the Royal Aircraft Establishment (RIP- now part of QinetiQ), when the Nimrod MRA4 project was given the go-ahead in 1996, it was against the strong wishes of the RAF and the MOD procurement team. ...Burning our money - http://burningourmoney.blogspot.com/
See here for a nicely balanced account of BAE's other lobbying activities.
So whereas we started at £2bn for 21 planes- £95m each- we're currently on £3.5bn for 12 aircraft- £290m each. That's a price increase of 205%

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