St Athan School Job Con

Last January politicians popped champagne outside the
Senedd to celebrate £14 billion of public money being
spent a new military training academy in the tiny village of
St Athan, ‘creating’ 5500 jobs. (see GGAAGGGGEEDD!! #16)
This PFI privatisation deal hands control of all UK military
training to the Metrix Consortium of private companies,
which includes the likes of Raytheon (who make cluster
bombs & depleted uranium weapons) & Qinetiq (ballistic missiles manufacturers). They will be running the base as an international business which will also train the troops of other governments.

After the Welsh Assembly gave LG Electronics £130 million to open a factory in Newport to employ 6000 people but LG only built part of it, gave up & pocketed most of the cash, you'd have thought politicians would be a little bit more cautious. The promise
that the St Athan academy will create 5500 jobs is an empty one. As there are currently 6300 civilian & military trainers employed by the MOD, most employees will be relocated
from other parts of the UK. Local people will be left with short-term construction posts & low-skilled service jobs, or as trainee cannon fodder for government policy.

Check out: nomurderacademyatstathans.com
To mark the one year anniversary of Rhodri’s champagne incident there will be a
demonstration outside the Senedd on January 17th. 1pm

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