Qinetiq, Welsh Assembly

qinetiq Secure £5m Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Contract Azom.com - USA qinetiq's support for the development of the Welsh Assembly Government initiative at parcaberporth in West Wales as a "Centre of Excellence" for Unmanned ...The £800million Watchkeeper project is designed to provide the UK armed forces with a specialised surveillance and reconnaissance capability and will be evaluated within the unique environment that exists in West Wales. The announcement follows 15 months of promotion and planning by a team comprising QinetiQ, West Wales Airport and the Welsh Assembly Government, and culminated in detailed negotiations with the MOD’s Tactical UAV Integrated Project Team (TUAV IPT).

Spy In The Sky News By Wat Tyler(Wat Tyler) According to his friend from the Royal Aircraft Establishment (RIP- now part of QinetiQ), when the Nimrod MRA4 project was given the go-ahead in 1996, it was against the strong wishes of the RAF and the MOD procurement team. ...Burning our money - http://burningourmoney.blogspot.com/
See here for a nicely balanced account of BAE's other lobbying activities.
So whereas we started at £2bn for 21 planes- £95m each- we're currently on £3.5bn for 12 aircraft- £290m each. That's a price increase of 205%

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