PM Brown 'response' to cluster bombs

The Prime Minister's Office has 'responded' to the petition asking the Prime Minister to "Ban the use and manufacture of Clusterbombs. This is incomprehensible meaningless jargon not a proper response to a very serious matter. UK at the forefront of States dealing with the problems caused by cluster munitions not to eliminate their use or condemn those countries who use them nor to shun companies connected to their manufacture or use in any way such as RAYTHEON who the government keep awarding contracts to..like the training academy at St Athan - Raytheon 100,000 cluster bombs dropped on Lebanon?
See Raytheon cluster bomb demonstration in Derry photos.

Government's response

The Government recognises that certain cluster munitions can cause unacceptable harm to civilians. That is exactly why the UK has consistently been at the forefront of States urging all key users and producers of cluster munitions to address the problems caused by such munitions. The Government led the way internationally by taking two types of cluster munitions out of service. And now, the Government is working also for an international ban on the use, production, transfer and stockpiling of those cluster munitions which cause unacceptable harm to civilians - our aim is to a achieve a new legally binding instrument.

The Government also takes very seriously its responsibility for taking action against other instruments that cause unaccpetable civilian deaths. So, as small arms kill every 90 seconds, Britain is calling for a legally binding Arms Trade Treaty and is willing to extend its export laws to control extra-territorial brokering and trafficking of small arms, and potentially other weapons

view it here: http://www.pm.gov.uk/output/Page14156.asp

Petition information - http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/Clusterbombs/

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