Sodexho = Low Paid Low Skill Jobs

Sodexho Coporate Crimes ...A change in name is launched from Sodexho to Sodexo as part of the global brand evolution. Find out more about Sodexo's name change .
Sodexo history
Sodexos senior manager - Simon Scrivens Managing Director of Tillery Valley Foods (TVF) Joined Sodexo 2007 -Responsible for Tillery Valley Foods - the leading supplier of chilled and frozen prepared meals to the healthcare sector.
What Sodexho say ...Sodexho Defence Services investing in its unique HUB brand, specifically designed to offer high street facilities that meet the needs of both service personnel and their families within the barracks. It brings eating, drinking, shopping and leisure together in one place at lower than high street prices. Not likely to provide much work for local farmers then?
A change in name is launched from Sodexho to Sodexo as part of the global brand evolution.

Sodexo is committed to the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) and in developing Public Private Partnerships (PPP), both as an FM services provider and as an equity investor.

Tony Leech Managing Director of Kalyx Joined Sodexo 2003 Responsible for the Corrections Business in the UK & Ireland.

they do 'cleaning' too ..they call it .....Our cleaning offer is called “essence” and is tailored to specific client needs in different environments within both the public and private sectors....


workers low pay

Scottish Socialist Party - News - Support Sodexho Workers

A Message from North Glasgow Hospitals Branch, Unison. To all friends and supporters, 300 staff employed by private contractor Sodexho at Glasgow Royal ...
www.scottishsocialistparty.org/news/hospitals.html - 6k -

SODEXHO What do unison have to say? Basically that they are rubbish.
Wiltshire County Council is scrapping its Sodexho meals-on-wheels service and replacing it with a new and different type of service. The council is terminating the contract ten months early and introducing a service based on bulk deliveries of frozen food which the clients would have to heat themselves. Thirty Sodexho staff face redundancy.
Employees of Sodexho, working on a meals-on-wheels contract with Cheshire County Council, are battling bosses who are trying to cut their working hours by one hour each day, or by 20%. Cheshire County Council said: "The company has assured us that the service it provides on our behalf, delivering 20,000 hot meals every month to 1000 older people across Cheshire, would be unaffected by any changes."

[PDF] Who is Sodexho?
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problems with the contractor and brought management of food services back in house. Recently, B.C.’s Northern Health Authority hired Sodexho to consult on ...
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BSG template

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UNISON has a national agreement with Sodexho Ltd, but the problems of health ... SODEXHO PROBLEM CONTRACTS. Cleaning contract at South Glasgow University ...
www.unison.org.uk/acrobat/B828.pdf - Similar pages - Note this

Students upset with Sodexho - News

He can relate to every problem he has heard dealing with Sodexho. "The selection is pretty bad, ... "Yep, the RHC has real big problems with Sodexho." ...
www.unews.com/news/2005/04/25/News/Students.Upset.With.Sodexho-936998.shtml - 37k
If only this employee would have responded in a positive way, in which the Sodexho mission exemplifies, there would be no problem. But there is a problem. ...
www.morris.umn.edu/register/article.php?volume=16&issue=9&section=opinion&index=1 - 12k -


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