New Trial Date for Raytheon 9

New Trail Date For Raytheon 9
By Reibiliun(Reibiliun)
The Raytheon 9 have been given another date for their trial to start. This time it's April 7th. For those not living in Derry, it has been hard to find out what is happening in relation to the trial of the Raytheon 9. ...
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The trial process is dragging on in a way that is very unfair to the defendants, their families, and the Derry Anti War Coalition (DAWC). The Nine are charged with affray and criminal damage and, if found guilty, could face long prison sentences.

In Derry over the New Year, I learnt that the lack of information is due to a gagging order that has been imposed by the Judge, Corinna Philpot, and enthusiastically obeyed by the media.

Wed January 7th will see the latest episode in this long-running saga. It seems that delays to the trial happening are caused by the State’s determination to shift the trial away from Derry and to keep the issues at stake hidden from the public.

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