Raytheon missile deal with Kuwait?

Pentagon Plans $328M Arms Deal
Houston Chronicle - United States
2008 AP WASHINGTON — The Defense Department on Thursday notified Congress of a potential $328 million sale of Raytheon missiles to the government of Kuwait. ...WASHINGTON (Reuters) -

The Bush administration notified Congress on Thursday of a potential $328 million sale of Raytheon Co TOW-2 missiles to Kuwait.

The Pentagon also unveiled a potential $326 million sale to the United Arab Emirates of air-to-air AMRAAM missiles and other arms built by Raytheon and Boeing Co.

The notice of a potential sale is required by law. It does not mean a deal has been concluded.(Reporting by Jim Wolf, editing by Carol Bishopric)


In December 2006, Pakistan requested the foreign military sale of 2,769 TOW 2A RF missiles, 415 TOW 2A RF bunker buster missiles and the upgrade of 121 TOW launchers to the TOW II configuration for wire-guided and wireless missiles.

The TOW 2 missile system was deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, which constituted the first operational firing of the TOW 2B missile.

Missiles .... The CBU-87 Combined Effects Munition contains 200 BLU-97B bomblets.

[11.3] AGM-154 JSOW cluster munitions

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