Leanne Wood has mental block

This issue of Red Pepper Plaid Cymru Welsh Assembly member Leanne Wood asks
Are the English up for it? Leanne says "we have worked to to develop a progressive Welsh nationalists. Our desire for social justice and equality forms an intrinsic part of our demand for further devolution. And by electing progressive civic nationalists people in wales have shown that the British union is not working for them. ...
In Wales, the Plaid/Labour coalition government has firmly rejected privatisation in the NHS or the organisation of such services on market models. The 'One Wales' programme of government states ' We will guarantee public ownership, public funding of this vital public service'. In both scotland and Wales foundation hospitals, school league tables, beacon councils, selective schools and elite academies have all been rejected.

LEANNE GOES ON.."Plaid Cymru and the SNP are introducing social policies that are clearly to the left of New Labour. Both parties are opposed to the war in Iraq and afghanistan, the removal of civil liberties in the name of security (including the introduction of ID cards) and Trident.....

But what we are seeing is the beginnings of an alternative politics. our civic nationalism is anti-imperialist, anti racist and pro-social justice. ....
All too often, nationalism in wales and Scotland has been dismissed by nay on the left as narrow minded, inward looking an exclusive. Those of us who have worked in the anti-war movement and anti-fascist movements find it frustrating to be viewed in this way.......
There is a great deal of potential to develop a much needed new anti-imperalist, left wing culture in England. Yet there is a very real danger that the far right will fill the vacuum as long as the left maintains its mental block...."

Sorry Leanne - you stand accused of 'metal block' and BEING pro-imperalist when you support with New Labour the biggest, craziest PFI ever - to privatise military training and propose to let the biggest imperialist arms companies - that are the war machine - like Raytheon, Serco and Qinetiq and also incompetents EDS run this ACADEMY!!! Even tory MP Pritchard has called the privatisation of military training " a privatisation gone too far."! John Pilger slates the idea "a British "School of the Americas" is to be built in wales! Any dodgy regime, mercenaries could be trained in Wales!
Private eye has exposed the lack of funding, also the MODs own concerns about inferior training,.

Plaid members are largely against it!! Nic Hodges opposes it and your own president!

Leanne Wood has expressed some concerns about the academy ...but fails to give the right reasons...no mention of becoming a cog in the war machine..she says
"The military academy is clearly a non-devolved issue. However, in the Senedd yesterday I asked the Leader of the House, Carywn Jones AM, to allow us a thorough debate on the issue. The reason I am pursuing this is because if the St. Athan project falls apart, we need assurances that the fallout will not affect Wales' budget or the work of the Assembly. We also need confirmation that the development of the academy will not divert construction resources away from the Welsh Quality Housing Standard, because upgrading housing is the real priority for Wales and is something Plaid Minister Jocelyn Davies is purposefully working for."

Lets hope you get a debate on it...at least...Supporting the war machine and landing wales with a huge global military precence will end the hope of Welsh independance as well
as your new anti-imperalist, left wing culture. It takes courage to stand up and speak out against the academy.

The question is are you up for it?

Wales must not be a cog in the war machine - Daily Post North Wales

“We must not allow Wales to become a major cog in the military machine, and there are very fundamental questions that must be asked about the military ...
www.dailypost.co.uk/news/north-wales-news/2008/.../wales-must-not-be-a-cog-in-the-war-machine-55578-2168526... - 45k -

Wales MEP Jill Evans, who is chair of CND Cymru, said that the commemoration on Monday would also serve as a protest against the St Athan project.

“Wales is recognised for its traditions of peace and reconciliation. Instead the British Government would make us the centre of training for war, putting that training in the hands of multinational arms companies and, at the same time, some politicians continue to make vastly exaggerated claims about the number of jobs they say will be created.”

Mr Iwan, ..said: “When one considers the immense destruction caused by wars and terrorism of all kinds in our world today, it is more evident than ever that we must pursue a more civilised way of settling the world’s problems.

“We must not allow Wales to become a major cog in the military machine, and there are very fundamental questions that must be asked about the military academy at St Athan.”

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Lexicon said...

Not only is this stuff crap, it's badly written crap. Whoever writes it must be semi literate. You can't even spell the name of the person you are attempting to criticise.

If those basic details are wrong, why would anyone take any notice of what you say? You do the cause no good at all.