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I am pleased to contribute to this newsletter on the Defence Training Review Project. Everyone in Wales is looking forward to the DefenceTechnical Academy (DTA).

Likewise I am looking forward to working with Vice Admiral Peter Wilkinson and Major General Tim Inshaw on its delivery. I met both of them recently to underline the Welsh Assembly Governments commitment to assisting the MOD realise its plans for the new tri-service Defence Training and school for mercenaries campus at St Athan in the Vale of Glamorgan

New Service Commencement Date 2014 - 2015

we can't afford it!
As ma
ny of you are already aware a phase of work has been underway to address affordability challenges within Project 1 and update various aspects of the Metrix proposals. This process has unfortunately been more difficult and prolonged than we expected, with certain aspects of Metrix’s proposals requiring more detailed work. This additional unplanned work prevented the Project from proceeding to the main investment decision within the desired timeframe. A contributory factor has been the impact of the current financial situation which has added some complexity to the negotiations between MOD and Metrix.

Over the last six months we have been working constructively with Metrix to overcome these difficulties to try and achieve an affordable, value for money, acceptable and deliverable project.
This has involved both parties working hard to drive down costs without materially affecting the scope of the Project and get the best deal possible for the taxpayer. I am pleased to tell you that the
hard work has paid off and considerable progress has been made. Following a detailed review of the Project and negotiations with Metrix, it is now judged that the Package 1 Project can be made affordable.
The outcome of this work is the Department’s commitment to continuing with the current
Assessment Phase. A Final Clarification and Confirm (‘FC&C’) exercise is now underway, after which Metrix’s revised proposals will be evaluated. Subject to a successful evaluation outcome, and confirmation of affordability, the Project will then proceed to the formal approval point of the MOD’s Investment Approvals Board.

This is anticipated to take place in the spring of next year after which an
announcement will be made. It is anticipated that Financial Close will follow approximately 15 months later.
I appreciate that these last few months may have been an unsettling time for many affected by the Project. Although a Project of this size and complexity is always subject to change, I now believe that the work of the last year has led to some stability in the Project going forward. This newsletter now seeks to clarify the situation and outline anticipated dates to assist with personal planning. I will of course seek to update you as the Project develops.
Finally, I would like to warmly thank the Right Honourable Rhodri Morgan (First Minister of the Welsh Assembly Government) and others for their contribution to this newsletter. We aim to have more of these wide-ranging articles in future editions.

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